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Nokia 8: As pure as the driven Android - it's a classy return

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For about two or three years, you've been able to get a top-specced phone from a no-name brand - and what additional features Samsung or Sony offered didn't really matter to most people. They were largely generic. And made in or around "Shenzhen".

Android monitoring app Nokia 8

Hence "Shenzhen generics". For IP reasons, we never saw most of these in Europe, which meant that to take advantage of the new value proposition entailed a lot of risk: grey channel imports with no support.

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The opportunity arose to de-risk the proposition, then: building a local brand with local support. Nokia is guaranteeing monthly security updates and a local number to ring. Having seen so many of these generics, I didn't expect that HMD would add a great deal of value. But largely thanks to subtle design choices it made, the Nokia 8 is really a very satisfying thing to have and use.

source site There's only one non-generic tech "feature", and we can get it out of the way quite quickly: simultaneous use of the front and back cameras. Useful, no doubt, to video bloggers but hardly anyone else. The Nokia 8 has one of those designs that feels "just right". My review model was the eye-catching copper. The case is a grade aluminium: which looks like glass but goes "thutt" when you tap it with a fingernail.

It has some of the disadvantages of glass: a smudge magnet that's quite slippy.

CODES NOKIA 8 - Hidden Mode / Tricks / Secret Menu

But it has serious advantages too, with the treatment Nokia has given it. It's robustly scratch resistant. Check out the durability tests in this video to see what it can withstand. There's no flex or creak, the 2. This is a quality product. You're also getting a top-end Snapdragon, a super display ppi blasting out up to nits , and real optical image stabilisation missing, and much missed from the OnePlus 5s. The phone lacks IP67 water and dust resistance, being rated at IP54 instead, and lacks wireless charging.

The Nokia 8 speakers give you a great old school clunk and crystal clear and very loud sound. With the butt-ugly Android Oreo 8. Google has really taken Android and beaten it with the ugly stick this year. For its minimalist launcher, Nokia has merely tweaked a few icons.

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Have a look at the settings to see how minimalist this is: there's hardly anything you can change. The icon mask. That's about it.

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